General Education & Boredom Busters!

Scouts The Scouting society have created this amazing page full off 100 activities to keep the kids entertained!

Harry Potter Escape Room This looks amazing and we cant wait to try it out…and it’s completely free!

Homeschool Piano If you are lucky enough to own a piano, or have an old keyboard lying around, why not take advantage and learn to play with these FREE piano lessons!

Highlights Kids This great site has lots of things today, including songs, jokes, crafts and quizzes etc…

Kahoot This is a fantastic site, also available as an app. Sign up for free and gain access to millions of learning games, for any topic in different languages, and for children of all ages!

Azoomee check out this app for amazing games, activities, and videos including character led stories, cool science and diy crafts!

BBC Bitesize This already amazing site is going to be changing over the coming days and weeks, to bring daily content to help with learning at home.

Nasa This interactive site is awesome! Play games read stories, and learn everything there is to know about NASA!

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