Miss Tee Pee ~ 2 Birds 1 Love Review! 🎪🍿🎈

So we’ve just celebrated Finley’s 8th birthday, another Lockdown birthday – that makes a full house for us! In fact Finley’s birthday last year couldn’t have been more different, with a long weekend trip to Blackpool crammed with days out and lots of fun, and only a week before we went into our first official Lockdown.
Understandably Finley was a little upset at the prospect of a Lockdown birthday, without a party to celebrate with his friends and family, but he forgets that we are nothing if not creative when it comes to birthdays, Lockdown or not!
His first task was to come up with a theme, and being a little gamer himself, he chose Fortnite/Mandalorian. He made some requests for things he would like us to do, including making selfie masks, a Llama piñata and a cardboard cutout of one of his fav fortnite characters, and then it was up to us to think of a way to actually celebrate. His birthday itself was on a weekday, so luckily he got to see his mates at school and be made a fuss of, and we all enjoyed a yummy Chinese with ‘worms’ (Finley’s fav!) for tea that evening. We would then celebrate properly together at the weekend.

After a lot of researching we came across the Miss Tee Pee Facebook page, a company that hires out tee pees for the ultimate sleepover party, and with a large variety of themes available it was the perfect activity for us to be able to celebrate together with.
Miss Tee Pee were fantastic, with clear communication throughout, prompt delivery and collection within the time frame stated, and extremely clean, with the freshest smelling sheets ever (LOVED that!)
Due to Covid the set up was understandably self sufficient, but it honestly couldn’t have been easier. The teepees just needed to be stood up and put into place, and the beds blown up using the electric pump provided, then it was just a case of putting the sheets on and ‘titivating’ with the scatter cushions and fairy lights, which again had been provided. We chose the ‘Among us’ package, and Miss Tee Pee were kind enough to include some ‘Fortnite’ accessories too, for our little 8 year old gamer!

We also loved the little added touches, such as the mini chalk boards to write our names on and hang on the tee pees, as well as kindly being given packs of popcorn and mini bags of haribo. It’s the little things ☺️
Our living room was completely transformed, and it looked fabulous. The sleepover was a complete surprise for Finley, and I couldn’t wait until he came home from school to see the whole thing set up.

When he finally arrived home from school, he was so surprised & excited, and couldn’t wait for our family sleepover experience to begin. He was more than happy to get into his pjs straight away, and took next to no time to start tucking into his sweets and popcorn, ready to settle down and chill out in his tee pee.

As a family we all thoroughly enjoyed celebrating Finley’s birthday, and the tee pees really brought us together. Finley enjoyed playing his PS4 from the comfort of his bed, and we all had fun watching movies and playing party games, including Fortnite bingo and his Llama piñata.

When it came to bedtime we all settled down and said our goodnights, and ended up having the best night sleep. The air beds were actually really comfortable, and coming from a family that loves staying away in our tent, it actually felt just like a super fun camping trip but in the warmth of our own home, and without the early brightness of the sun waking us up! Bonus!
We were lucky enough to have the tee pees for a second night, so of course we had a weekend long family sleepover much to Finley’s delight, who was actually sorry to see them go on the Sunday morning.

We honestly all had such a blast and would thoroughly recommend Miss Tee Pee for all your party needs, and for any fun occasion, especially during Lockdown! The tee pees are just gorgeous, and handmade to the highest quality, plus there are loads of themes to choose from –

Lace boho
Harry Potter
Tic tok
Super hero’s
Blue star
Amung us
Marvel comic

and even the option to hire out a beautiful bell tent for the garden, and also 4ft wooden numbers to add that extra special something to your event.

Check these guys out on their fabulous Facebook and Instagram pages too, you won’t be disappointed!
We will definitely be using Miss Tee Pee’s services again.

“Would you like an adventure now or shall we have tea first?” ~ Peter Pan

Much Love,

2 Birds 1 Love


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