Dorset Domes ~ 2 Birds 1 Love Review! ❄❤🥂

As you probably know by now from our previous posts, we are any excuse for a celebration. In fact February and March are our busiest months for birthdays between us and our family members, yet still we couldn’t let Valentine’s pass us by without going all out. I mean c’mon, let’s face it there’s not exactly much going on at the moment to get excited about, so we take every opportunity we can to get creative, even before Lockdown!
This year was our 5th Valentine’s together, and we are always trying to top the previous year with whatever theme we choose. In the past we’ve actually been to ‘New York’ and even did an ‘Around the world trip’ – all from the comfort of our own home! And so this year I decided I’d stick with the travelling theme (well it was the only way we were going to get a holiday!) and I thought I’d take us to Iceland….as this is definitely near the top of our bucket list.
I’d already seen these igloos trending on Instagram and Facebook, and thought they looked super cool, and just like the ones that you can stay in when you go to places like Norway or Finland etc… and so I hired one! (ok I googled, and it seems Iceland don’t actually have glass igloos, but Shhh! We’ll just go with it!)

Anyway I found a company who were just starting out, on Facebook that were situated not too far from us, called Dorset Domes, and I can tell you now these guys are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Their communication was top notch, and they take care of everything, including set up, attaching lights and even providing a few other accessories to make the dome look pretty inside, and then we were left to get creative ourselves with the decor, which suited us perfectly – this is where we shine! Haha!

Char absolutely loved the surprise, but of course it was a bit too big to keep hidden beforehand, and let’s be honest, she’s actually the more creative one out of the two of us, and so truth be told I needed her to help with the set up!
We decided we wanted the cosy vibe, so we brought all of our sofa cushions and throws inside the dome, as well as scatter cushions and blankets. We had a nice low table that was the perfect height for sitting at, and to take the chill off we ran a small fan heater in using an extension lead, and filled up the hot water bottles. It was very toasty indeed.
Finally it was ready and I can’t tell you how excited we all were, especially Finley!!

It felt so special having this stunning igloo in our back garden, we literally spent the whole time enjoying the dome, with an afternoon tea at lunchtime for all of us, and then a romantic 3 course meal (complete with Icelandic cod fish cakes for starters of course!) for just me and Char when Finley was asleep. We also set up the laptop to enjoy a movie together…it was perfect.

If we didn’t have Finley in the house, we would have definitely spent the night in it. It was amazing to be able to see the sky from the dome, and we completely lucked out with a starry night, so we were even able to stargaze from it – one of our favourite pastimes.
Honestly we could have been anywhere once inside the dome, especially when it got dark outside.

The lights made it look so gorgeous, and it really was the perfect setting for our Icelandic Valentine’s adventure. Finley especially didn’t want the igloo to go, and even enjoyed his breakfast in there the following day, when everything had been removed, just to get in some last minute igloo fun.

We will definitely be using Dorset Domes again in the future, especially when we can get more of us together, as it’s too good not to want to share the experience with others. These Domes would be suitable for any occasion, and would seriously add the bit of sparkle to any event.

These guys are highly professional, and ensure that everything is Covid secure, with masks being worn, and everything being very clean. We can’t recommend Dorset Domes enough, and look forward to using their services again.
Show these guys some Love and #SupportSmallBusinesses we wish them every success in the fantastic new venture.

“As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen” ~ Winnie The Pooh

Much Love,

2 Birds 1 Love


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