Maths Rockx This amazing site & app will teach your little ones their times tables using popular songs to singalong to. Free tutorials available this week, so start following now!

Number Blocks This popular Cbeebies show is perfect for teaching kids numbers from an early age.

Free Maths Worksheets This amazing company is sending out Free Maths worksheets to your home, and there’s no need to pay postage either!!

Twinkl Lots of Maths sheets available to download, to suit your childs individual needs, as well as being a brilliant website for all subjects.

Number Fun Live This fun YouTube channel gives your children a way to learn Maths through song and dance, using catchy videos.

Mathletics Another great site offering free Maths printables, with lots to choose from!

Carol Vorderman The amazing Carol is doing free Maths tutorials, so check them out here!

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