Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park – 2 Birds 1 Love Review! 🐡🦀🐧

Going to the sea life centre always takes me back to being a little girl. If any year we weren’t going abroad on holiday, my Mum and Dad would take my sister and I out for day trips instead, and this would always include a visit to Weymouth Sea life centre, now known as Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park. I have very fond memories as a child exploring the weird and wonderful sea creatures, and so we couldn’t wait to take the little Dude this summer. We discovered there was to be an Octonauts Event during the summer, and as this was one of the little Dudes favourite programmes on tv we knew he would absolutely love this day out, so we packed a picnic and set off for Dorset, on one of my favourite picturesque car journeys.I have a thing about keeping traditions, as well as making new ones, and the journey down to Dorset was no exception. Spotting landmarks along the way is what makes a car journey exciting, and builds on the anticipation of nearing the final destination. We passed the long brick wall, the lion entrance and the 5 legged stag gate (all forever etched in my childhood memories) which I’ve later discovered upon a little bit of research all belongs to Charborough House, In fact the wall that I’ve known since being a little girl is one of the longest brick walls in England and comprises of more than 2 million bricks (just a little interesting fact for you!)

We arrived at the Sea life adventure park and parked in a pay & display carpark which is also connected to Lodmoor Country Park, Pirate Adventure Golf and Lodmoor Brewers Fayre restaurant.
We arrived before opening time and there was already a queue building. It didn’t take long to receive our tickets, and then we were in, free to explore the park at our own pace. We received a Sea life passport to be stamped at each individual station, a time sheet of all the talks and events throughout the day, and the Octonauts event station was easily signposted. Highlights of the day were exploring the rock pool, where the little Dude conquered his fears and touched a starfish for the first time! Receiving all the cool embossed sea creature stamps at each station. Becoming a member of the lab where the little Dude got to ‘save a sea turtle and release it back into the ocean’! The absolutely fabulous play area. We ate our picnic in the grounds around the play equipment and just enjoyed the playful atmosphere around us with all the children, including ours having the best time! And of course the brilliantly organised Octonauts event. We did have to queue in plenty of time for this as it was extremely popular, but it was well worth it!We entered the Octonauts lab and had to complete fun tasks to receive stamps, these included giant puzzles, find and reveal activities etc… and then we joined a short queue for an amazing photo opportunity with one of the Octonaut characters, ours being an absolute favourite, Kwazii. This all took just under half an hour, a perfect amount of time to keep the little ones engaged, and upon leaving the lab we received Octonaut hats and a Kwazii pop badge. We definitely had one very happy little Dude!The whole day was a complete success. The sea life adventure park is fun packed and the events are well organised. I must also add that if it’s nice Weather make sure you pack swimmers (or spare clothes) and a towel as there’s some really fun splash zones with water fountains. We actually thought it was going to be a grey day so didn’t go prepared, and when the sun came out this didn’t stop our little dude running through the fountains fully clothed, and then having to spend the remainder of the day in wet shorts and t-shirt. He couldn’t have cared less though, luckily!From visiting here as a little girl, to now coming back to a place that’s bigger and better with my own little family, it definitely did not disappoint. I thoroughly recommend this place to any family. We will definitely be returning for years to come in the future.There are other events coming up at the Sea life adventure park, including a Halloween special ‘Spooky Seas’ so book now to avoid missing out!

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“When it comes to marine life, our existence depends upon their existence.” ~ June Stoyer

Much Love

2 Birds 1 Love


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